Learn More About Process Serving A BOC-3 Registered Agent

As you are probably aware a BOC-3 registered agent is a corporate entity that represents another corporate entity in the transportation, carrier, and trucking sector. BOC-3 Registered agents are a third-party entity who receive lawsuits, subpoenas and urgent correspondence on behalf of a different corporate entity, who is usually a defendant or witness.

It is imperative you understand, a BOC-3 registered agent is not affiliated with the defendant or witness in your case. As such, when you draft your documents, you must place the BOC-3 registered agent name below the defendant or witness entity name and it must appear clearly marked as, "In Care Of" the name of subject entity you are serving. BOTH the entity name and the BOC-3 registered agent name must be spelled EXACTLY how it appears in the secretary of state data base. An incorrectly spelled name or if any characters of the name are omitted, will result in refusal of service.

Here is an example of how your paperwork should be addressed. Your paperwork must be addressed ONLY this way!

Name Of Trucking or Transportation Entity

c/o, Name of BOC-3 Registered Agent

Address Of BOC-3 Registered Agent

City, State, and Zip Code

Here is an example of an actual address as it appears on documents for service of process upon a corporate entity:

Walmart, Inc.

c/o, CT Corporation System, BOC-3 Registered Agent

Plantation, Florida, 33324

Owned and Operated by A.C.E., Inc., Nationwide Process Servers, Creators of America's Newest And Simplest Way To Serve Trucking and Transportation companies through its BOC-3 Registered Agents. A.C.E. Process Servers Also Serve Process Directly To and Upon Corporations Without BOC-3 Registered Agents.

Getting Started starts with you sending your paperwork to our office as a Pdf attachment to an email

First Easy Steps is attained, when we confirm your documents printed out and we are prepared to activate service

Our Service Is Made when we make the required appointment with the BOC-3 registered agent and appear at their office with your documents

Service Complete when we provide you with a perfect affidavit - proof of service


BOC-3 Registered Agent - Process Serving Services Are Performed Anywhere there is a Registered Agent Office

Our Nationwide Process Servers are managed, positioned, and available in every city where a BOC-3 registered agent office is located. If you can send your documents to us by email, we can serve any BOC-3 registered agent within minutes, if necessary.

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