On this page you will find listings of Registered Agents, addresses, and contact information in all fifty states, including Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico.

Since your interest is to serve a Registered Agent with a legal action or to place a corporate entity on notice, all the information you need to initiate such an action is contained within the pages of this directory. Simply scroll down and click away

Listings of Registered Agents and Where Our Process Servers Serve in Person

We made it easy for you to find information about agents and the Process Servers who assist with service of process. Our directory employees went to great lengths to research and compile a comprehensive list of Registered Agent information and consolidated it the largest and up to date database. We hope this comprehensive list of Registered Agents saves you time and assists with your endeavors.

We are NOT affiliated with any BOC3 Registered Agent or any other entity. We are A.C.E. process servers who deliver and serve documents, in person only, to BOC3 Registered Agent Offices. We are a private company with no affiliations to any other entity. We do not have Registered Agent telephone numbers or email addresses, so please do not call and ask us for it. The only contact we have with Registered Agent's is in person at their office. We serve process at the offices of Registered Agents in person only and cannot offer you alternate ways to connect with Registered Agents other than to hire us to arrange for service at the designated office address.

Nationwide List of Registered Agents Arranged by State